Delta is currently working to improve airport infrastructure by building a new terminal at LGA, which began construction on March 16, 2021. Delta’s $900 million airport expansion project is underway, including a new world-class Terminal C that will provide a new experience for travelers.

Delta gates are divided into two ends of the terminal. Passengers must proceed to Terminal C to depart from all gates. The gates are divided into 60 and 79 and 80-89. How do I know which door I came from?

When disembarking from the plane and heading to baggage claim and ground transportation, it is easy to identify their gate location. Passengers coming down from the gate between 80-98 will head to baggage claim, and ground transportation will immediately see the Starbucks coffee kiosk. In addition, the door will be marked as door #8. The columns next to the baggage carousel will be marked sequentially. The pillar will be marked #1, next to carousel #1. The exit door is marked with Door 8 and Door 9. Now you know where Gates 60-79 will be asked?

Gates 60-79 are located at the other end. When a person comes down from the escalator from gates 60-79, we will identify door # 13 and the elevator on the right. When we walk towards the baggage carousel, we will see doors #12,11 on the right and the baggage carousel on the left.

The baggage carousel number is located between gates 60-79 and 80-98. There are a total of five baggage carousels. The baggage carousel leading to the exit is approximately 10 feet. All these doors are marked as pickup areas. Gate 8, Gate 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.

Where is my baggage when I come from Gates 60-79? It’s easy, we’ll walk towards gates 12, 11 and 10 and will see the baggage carousel. The first baggage carousel we will see is baggage carousel #5.

Continue towards the baggage carousel where the numbers will start counting down from #5,4,3,2,1. See figure.

Now you will ask where do I get a taxi at LaGuardia Airport in Delta Terminal? Where is Uber at LaGuardia Airport? Where is Lyft at LaGuardia Airport? Is there a professional chauffeur and limousine service at LaGuardia Airport? This article will answer all these questions and set you up for success when landing at LaGuardia Airport’s Delta terminal.

Taxis are located outside Delta Terminal #8.

Uber in LaGuardia Airport Delta will be in pickup area 10-11 (gate # 10-11)

LAGUARDIA Airport Delta LYFT will be picked up by Area 13 (Gate # 13)

Pre-arranged black cars and limousines are picked up and dropped off between pickup zones #11-13.

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