Most young people love to go on vacation, whether it’s a tropical vacation to the Bahamas, backpacking in Europe, or a road trip across the United States. However, most young people don’t realize until they start traveling that wherever you go, these experiences can dramatically change who you are and the trajectory of your life. From gaining new experiences and perspectives to meeting people you’ll never know, traveling is never what you expect – in the best possible way. If you’re looking for some motivation to get out and explore, read on to find out why travel is important in your twenties.

Travel can help you build meaningful friendships

If you travel alone, not only will you learn how to satisfy yourself, but you’ll begin to develop social skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life. In this way, if you are shy, traveling is a particularly good idea. Being alone will force you to open up to those around you, and you may end up making friends with people you never thought you would meet.

Traveling can help you learn a new language and culture

Another reason travel is important in your twenties is that it offers a wide range of education without having to go to college. You don’t have to be proficient in one language on one trip, but it’s important to be proficient in a new culture and be able to communicate in a new language, as these skills allow you to connect with new people who may have completely different life experiences from you. As Divya Premkumar writes for, “Experiencing this [new culture] helps us grow psychologically, which is not possible in a classroom or in books.”

Travel allows you to reflect

One reason travel is important in your twenties is the way it allows you to reflect. If you’re a young adult, you’re probably familiar with the feeling of not knowing exactly what you’re doing or trying to do. Travel gives you a sense of direction and makes you reflect on your life as you leave. The best way to figure out what makes you unhappy at home is to run away and come back with a new sense of self and maybe some ideas on how to fix the problem.

Planning a trip proves that your vision can come true

Depending on the preparation required to plan a trip, simply doing it on an airplane can be quite an achievement. Other times, all you do is buy a ticket and hope for the best. Either way, envisioning a trip and committing to it will make you feel like anything is possible.

Travel will help you decide where to stay

One reason travel is important in your twenties is that it can help you decide what you want and where you might want to live in the future. Travel either allows you to appreciate all the little things you love about home or decide that you never want to go back. Instead, you may decide to live in a new part of the world. Either way, it’s important to feel grateful for where you live, and if you’re in your twenties, this is the perfect time to do so.

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